The Phi Group is an investment company based in San Francisco specializes in e-commerce, investment and sales management. Its portfolio of services range from multi-national enterprise business development to local company marketing strategy and execution.

The Phi Group was founded by Sean Peng, MBA, CFA, CPA, a Texas A&M graduate (01). He has well-rounded skills in financial analysis, investment valuation, business development, eCommerce, and sales management; His diversified business experience involves multi-national cooperation and wide range of industries.

Sean Peng has helped Taishan Sports Equipment Co, the largest sports equipment manufacturer in Asia (Est 1978) successfully entered its USA market, and played instrumental role in promoting Taishan’s brand and establishing its North American client base.

Over the years, The Phi Group has successfully launched a series of businesses ranging from sporting goods and gold coin online retail, personal care services, as well as national sales development for overseas manufacturers.  He demonstrated highly analytical business mind and great entrepreneurship which resulted in a great portfolio of successful business ventures.

The Phi Group provides the following business services:

  –  Brand Development

  –  Marketing Plan

  –  Sales Management

  –  M&A Financial Analysis

  –  Startup Market Launch

"Sean is one of the sharpest and open minded men I've known and worked with. He is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual and a fantastic problem solver."

- Jennita Itthi-angkul, Fashion Designer

"Sean is a great leader and an even better Mentor. He is somebody that you can turn to with any problem or question and you can feel very confident that the answer you receive is not only correct but thorough. His great work ethic and attention to detail helped shape me into the sales man I am today."

- Michael Orozco, Regional Manager, ITCO Solutions, Inc.

"To work with Sean and Taishan Sports is always a pleasure. We set up time to discuss his expectations and provide him with the best service. Being an Olympic sponsor, Taishan has to maintain a certain brand and we worked with Sean to complete this through Web copy, design and online marketing. If you are interested in working with Taishan Sports USA, I highly recommend Sean. Professional, clear and respectful."

- Lisa Weinberger, MAT, Professor

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